Thursday, 23 September 2010


Here i am. Trying to write again, trying to understand again, trying to think. And i still don't know if i'm writing in a correct way but even like that i want to do it.
Here i am, with time. Time to look through the window and discover how gray can the sky be. It is raining and is not as cold as it should be. it is raining and i'm sick, but physically sick. And maybe i'm sick of this. I don't know, there are so many thoughts crossing my mind some of them are warm and some of them no too much. One of them is that i have been thinking or perhaps realizing that as a result of my mother's dead, i want to be with my family. Before this i used to think that my mother was the only chain that i had to Colombia. That my mother was going to be the only reason to stay there. But now i know that it is not true. Now i know that my mother wasn't the mother was the excuse. And now i'm saying that she was the excuse because now i know that my family is the only chain that i don't want to break. My family (all of them). Sister (the best one), cousins, ants, uncles, grandmother (the strongest one), nieces (i have decided to be like that) are all the best. I think my time here is getting to the end. I think it is time to come back and share my life with them, but for real not virtually. I think it is time to let them know face to face that i will be there with them, that like my mother, i will be one of the link of the family. I don't know when exactly i'm going to be there, but it will be soon.
The future...i don't even want to thing about that, but i'm doing it. I don't know what to do or how to do it, but i have discover here that the life that i want to live it is not exclusive of London, it is not exclusive from europe. Now i know that the life that i want to have i can have it anywhere...and surprisingly i have discover that i could live even in my home town. I know it is a small city and maybe it will be difficult to find a job there, but at least i will try. And i will try (but i'm not saying that i do gonna live in Manizales), but if i do it at least i will have my family and one of the best friends that i have ever had. And i know that with my experiences and my attitude i will be able to do it.
Sorry if i'm not writing in prose or in an nice way, but today i just want to write as if i was talking with someone. I just want to do something nice in this cold, wet and humid morning.
And the last issue for today is going to be friends.
Here in London i have met people... a lot i would say. But the best is that i have met people that today is my friend. As i have said before, i never felt part of any group. In some way i envied all this people who had group of friends. I never understood why i couldn't have it. Because i always thought that i was a nice person. Ok but this is not the pint here...the point is that here now i have a group of friends. People who call me if there is any plan, people who miss me and who love being with me. People who are my family here. maybe i don't talk with them all the time, but are people who are there for me... Thanks to london i know what it is like...and because of this i feel stronger...
Ok, it's time to go...

Monday, 8 March 2010


Multiculturality? Tolerance? I don't really think so. There are too many people living in London. There are eople from Asia, Europe, America and every small place that i can imagine. I even have a friend from Uzbekistan (i don't know if is the right spelling). Can you believe this? with this simple friend that i have known here, i have realized that it is possible and understandable that a lot of the people in this world do not have any idea of Colombia. When i was in Bogota, i couldn't accept that there were people who didn't know where colombia is on the world map. But here i have seen the real scale of this world.
But today i'm not going to talk about friends or about people that i know, today i'm going to talk about unknown people.
Can you imagine how it feels to get into a bus and hear that nobody is speaking english? "i'm in England" you probably would think, so why isn't anybody speaking english?
When i first arrived here, i used to think that i wasn't understanding the english accent, but after a few months living here i realized that what i was thinking in those days was true. Nobody speaks english on the busses here. When you discover this, you try to understand the languages or at least recognize them. So, you start to listen carefully and start to recognize some sounds. In one night you can hear 5 different languages but only 3 known. French, Italian and some asian dialect (it is easier to know for obvious reasons) but it could be japanese, chinese or another ancient asian language. But this post it is not about languages either so lets keep talking.
About multiculturality (big word, but it is the same in spanish so that is why i know it), i should say that in my opinion there is no such thing here.
It is true that here you can find people from all over the world, but do you think that they are living together? the answer is no, they don't. But how is that possible if they live in the same city? the reason is simple: they choose the same area, the same neighborhood and they go to the same school.
If you go to an specific area in this city, it is possible that you believe that you are whether in china, japan, africa, india or south america but definitively not in London. If you go to the japanese area you will find just japanese people, japanese stores, japanese barbershops, japanese cars and even japanese houses. You can go to japanese cinemas and cafes and if you know Japanese you can read a japanese newspaper. And if you go inside the stores you will only see japanese people buying japanese goods and you will be the only who is not from japan or asia.
Because of this, it is really difficult for people to make friends from other countries, so at night whether in the clubs, pubs or just in the street you will only find groups formed by the same people. If you are English you will have english friends, if you are from india you will only have friends from there.
So if you are here and you find someone who has been living here for 20 years but the english accent is almost impossible to understand, there is a possibility that your hearing does not have anything to do with that, it is just because this person living here for decades does not speak good english. they don't need it.
And that is why i have to disagree with this multicultural thing. I can't deny that here in london there is some kind of mix, but not as much as i had expected.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


It's quite true that is difficult to see the sun in London. But sometimes this city give us the most beautiful gift: SUNNY DAYS. I always have said that here in London it doesn't mater if it is sunday, friday or thursday what do maters is if it is sunny. The sun changes the complete meaning of London, because despite the fact that here there is almost always a gray sky, the sun exists here. The light makes everything looks better. And is not like Bogotaninan Sun, it is complete different because it's always on one side. We don't have here at any time the son on top of our heads, so there is shadows everywhere. The air is cleaner than Bogota's. But i will always love bogota. As an example, check these pictures.
Again, i apologize for the possibles mistakes.


Hello everybody...
As you should know, i'm London. What i'm doing here? well, like almost the 90% of the people who come here i'm studying english. Also, i'm enjoying this beautiful city. So this blog is gonna me be one way to improve my written english.
But there is more here. I'm going to post thoughts, pictures and everything that i feel interesting for me and hopefully for you.
So, if you find some grammatical mistakes or maybe spelling mistakes i apologize.